Whether you are an elite athlete, a novice exerciser, or somewhere in-between, Y Personal Fitness Training can benefit you in ways you’ve never thought about.

A YMCA Personal Fitness Trainer can help you take your workouts or sports to a new level in a safe and structured manner.


Download a Personal Fitness Training Brochure: Personal Training


Personal Fitness Training Options


One-on-one weight training sessions designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. Fitness assessments/evaluations are included. Available in eight 30-minute or six 60-minute packages.

Single Training Sessions

Single (one-on-one) training sessions are available in 30, 60 and 90 minute sessions. Fitness assessments/evaluations are included.

Group Personal Fitness Training

Team up with your friends and enjoy the benefits (and fun!) of personal fitness training in a group. Your trainer will meet with you as a group, assess your goals and prescribe cardio and weight training to fit your needs.

Y Family Group Personal Fitness Training

For immediate family members. Get stronger, fitter and healthier as a couple or a family and have fun doing it! Appropriate for youth ages 10+ with parent/guardian. Physical assessments are included.

Y Aquatic Fitness Training

Whether you’re training for an event like a triathlon or simply trying to improve on your strokes, breathing, flip turns and all of those other skills that will make your workout more efficient, this program is for you.

Y Fitness Evaluation

Measurable cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility assessments give us some direction on how to help you proceed with your personal training program.

Y Body Fat Analysis

The Y 7-site skin fold analysis is used to provide you with an overall body fat percentage.

Y Personal Fitness Training Consultation

Complimentary for Y members, a meeting with a Personal Fitness Trainer will help you assess your fitness goals and give you a place to start your new fitness plan.




Individual or Group Training

Golf, basketball, baseball/softball, hockey, soccer, football, volleyball and more. For youth and adults. Enhance speed, agility, strength, balance, coordination, endurance, flexibility and skills. Your trainer can work with you individually or in a group.



Altru Family YMCA Football Academy

The Grand Forks YMCA offers the Football Academy, to help athletes improve their football fundamentals, technique, and skills. Coach Myers has experience coaching football at a variety of levels including youth, high school, professional, and was defensive line coach and recruiting coordinator at the University of North Dakota. In addition, he has experience in professional player personnel and specializes in motivation and mentorship.


Head Coach: Kyle Myers

Assistant Coach: Adam Sorum


Altru Family YMCA Volleyball Academy

Katie Arthur was born and raised here in Grand Forks. After her undefeated senior volleyball season at Red River High School, she pursued a volleyball career at the University of Minnesota Crookston from 2002-2006. After college, she began coaching at Grand Forks Central High School as an assistant off and on from 2006-2015. From 2015-2019, Katie was the head varsity volleyball coach at GFC. She has ran many camps and leagues in Grand Forks at all age levels. She is passionate about the sport of volleyball and continues to still play today. Katie believes in the value of teaching life lessons through the sport of volleyball. She also believes that everyone has the ability to build their volleyball skills through hard work, continued practice and by having a growth mindset.


Coach: Katie Arthur



Movement Progression and Conditioning

This program helps athletes learn how to move and change directions safely and efficiently. This program is appropriate for competitive and recreational athletes age 8 and up in any sport (including adults). 

Curriculum includes:

A dynamic warm-up including balance training

Movement progression training

Core Training

Push Up Variations

Tabata conditioning

Upper and Lower Body Plyometrics

Cooldown Stretch with foam rolling


Intro to Strength Training

This program teaches proper lifting technique for the essential compounds movements that your athlete will need to improve their sports performance. This session’s focus is not on lifting heavy weights. It is about mastering the technique so your athlete can lift heavy in the future. This is for ages 11+. 

Curriculum includes:

A dynamic warm-up including balance training

Prehab Exercises

Compound Lifts

Olympic Lifts

Cooldown Stretch with foam rolling


Sports Acceleration

This program teaches proper lifting technique for the essential compounds movements that your athlete will need to improve their sports performance. Resistance training in youth can result in increased bone density, healthier body composition, and enhanced performance with motor skills, which can lead to increased sprint speed and vertical jump performance. This is for ages 11+.

Curriculum includes:

A dynamic warm-up including balance training

Prehab Exercises

Movement Progression Training

Core Training

Compound Lifts

Olympic Lifts

Push Up Variations

Tabata Conditioning

Upper and Lower Body Plyometrics

Cooldown Stretch with Foam Rolling



Meet Our Trainers

Sonia A. Kraft, B.S., NETA-CPTSonia

Sonia grew up in Ardoch, ND where she participated in high school basketball, volleyball and track.  She played both volleyball and basketball during her college years at UMC and Mayville State University.  All American honors in basketball at both universities.  Sonia has her Bachelor of Science degree with minors in coaching, health and early childhood. Sonia is married and has two boys.  They live a very active life.  She is very passionate about health and wellness and just plain loves working out.  She would like people to think of working out as a part of their everyday lifestyle.  Sonia is certified through NETA. As a trainer she is here to motivate and help in any way she can.  Variety is key to success and having fun.  “Motivation is what gets you started.  Habit is what keeps you going” – Jim Ryan



Shawn Reich

Shawn is a native of Grand Forks, ND and graduated with his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees from the University of North Dakota. Shawn was a Medical Fitness Specialist at Altru Health System as well as an Exercise Specialist for Altru’s Weight Management Program. Shawn is an NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) Certified Personal Trainer as well as an NSCA-CSPS (Certified Special Populations Specialist).




Adam Sorum Healthy Living Director

Adam is a graduate of the University of North Dakota with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education, Exercise Science, and Wellness. Adam was a Personal Trainer and Clinical Exercise Specialist at Altru’s Medical Fitness Center for 13 years and worked with various organizations developing services for individuals in our region with different health conditions. Adam is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, an ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialist, and is certified in numerous group exercise and education formats. Adam is married to Jody and they have one child.



Al Hager

Al Hager knows the importance of good health and fitness. He has been a paramedic for over 30 years here in Grand Forks! Al is a Certified Personal Trainer with additional education in Nutrition, Science of Stretching and High Intensity Interval Training. He is married to Kim and has 3 sons and 2 grandsons who are his pride and joy. He enjoys camping, fishing, cycling, and reading. Al is currently teaching a Core Cardio class on Thursdays at 5:35 am at the Y.

Micah Wright

Micah was born and raised in East Grand Forks, Minnesota and graduated from EGF senior high. He has been exercising since the age of 15 at the YMCA and now primarily lifts weights and trains mostly for strength. He fell in love with it and has been doing it ever since, and now he has made the jump into personal training. Besides the gym, Micah likes to play video games, spend time with family, and listen to podcasts and music. Micah is certified with the ISSA
and has received his CPT and Nutrition certifications through their curriculum. Micah is looking to help others reach their personal
goals whether it’s to put on some more muscle or get stronger. His ultimate goal is to assist you throughout your fitness journey.

For more detailed information, fees for service, or to schedule an appointment, please contact Adam Sorum, Healthy Living Director or a Y Member Service Representative, at 701-775-2586 or click here .