Safety Around Water

Safe Swimming Saves Lives

Dates of Session: May 6-9 , 2024 (Monday-Thursday)

Visit the YMCA Front Desk to register. Registration begins April 22nd, 2024.

Join us at the YMCA for a fun and exciting week of FREE beginner swimming lessons. This program is open to anyone in the community or surrounding area who has not taken swim lessons before. This program will offer four-30 minute beginner swimming lessons and  with the time spent in the pool learning swimming and water safety techniques. While having fun, the children learn new skills each day, while practicing skills learned the day before. Parents are also educated through the child’s learning experience and safety talks. Lessons will cover levels 1-3 of the YMCA V6 Swimming Lesson Curriculum.


• Advanced registration is required for all classes.

CLASS TIMES: Monday-Thursday


5:00pm – 5:30pm

5:40pm – 6:10pm