We believe people of all ages should have access to healthy activities. The following classes provide opportunities for kids to enjoy their own class or participate with a parent or guardian. We are continually changing or adding to the youth class schedule to accommodate the needs of our families. If you have ideas or suggestions for youth/family classes, please contact us at the Y.



SPARK™ Kids Fitness

This program focuses on active participation and practice to improve youth fitness, skills, and enjoyment of physical activity. Fun, manageable activities provide opportunities for engagement which include all fitness and skill levels to keep all participants involved and motivated. Youth will also learn self-responsibility, teamwork, and socialization skills. Players are always engaged and no one sits out “waiting for their turn” to play. Activities focus on specific goals, such as team building, games, personal fitness, sports, dance, play, fitness fun, healthy eating, and more, sometimes with music. Ages 7-12 (approximate)

Parents are required to sign children in and out of class and must be in the building during class time. Registration for members: register in class with instructor. Registration for non-members: register at the YMCA customer service desk.




Cardio and Strength Training For Youth Age 10+

This program provides youth with more fitness options and allows them to utilize the cardio and weight rooms in the Fitness Center. Youth are invited to get their Youth Fitness Membership (Y.F.M.) which will allow them to use the Fitness Center any time during staffed hours when they present their Y.F.M. membership card. To obtain this membership, youth will attend an orientation class to learn how to use designated cardio machines (stationary bikes, treadmills, cross trainers, etc.) as well as appropriate Nautilus strength training machines for upper body, lower body and abdominal strengthening. They will also learn how to correctly perform exercises such as abdominal crunches, push-ups and more. For those interested, a program design will be available to help participants easily build various workouts which incorporate cardio, strength, core and stretching components. Youth will also be coached on appropriate gym etiquette. Fitness Center Staff will be available to assist our Y.F.M. participants.

Please make an orientation appointment by calling the Fitness Center: 701-775-2586

Y.F.M. members may use the Fitness Center any time during staffed hours with or without parent or guardian (youth must present Y.F.M. card):

Members age 15 and over may use the Fitness Center any time.

Contact a YMCA Member Service Representative to help you schedule any of the orientation sessions with our Fitness Center Staff Team at 701-775-2586 or click here .


Altru Family YMCA Sports Academies

Altru Family YMCA Football Academy

The Grand Forks YMCA offers the Football Academy, to help athletes improve their football fundamentals, technique, and skills. Coach Myers has experience coaching football at a variety of levels including youth, high school, professional, and was defensive line coach and recruiting coordinator at the University of North Dakota. In addition, he has experience in professional player personnel and specializes in motivation and mentorship.

Head Coach: Kyle Myers

Altru Family YMCA Volleyball Academy and Basketball Academy

The Altru Family YMCA is excited to offer individual and group Sports Specific Training sessions for Basketball and Volleyball lead by Stephanie McWilliams! Stephanie is a local athlete who attended Grand Forks Central High School. She was a four year varsity athlete in basketball, volleyball and softball, being the first female athlete to earn 12 varsity letters. After having the opportunity to play any of the three sports at the collegiate level, she made the decision to play division 2 basketball at the University of Minnesota Crookston. All ages and abilities are welcome to work with Stephanie.


Speed Training for Young Athletes

This program is appropriate for competitive and recreational athletes age 10 and up in any sport. Designed to inform, educate and motivate young athletes to reach new levels in their training, this course will help take their game to the next level.

Classes will meet Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, 3:45 – 4:25 pm, in the mini gym.

Session 1:  June TBD

Session 2:  July TBD

Session 2:  August TBD


Members: TBD

Non-members: TBD


Head Trainer: Sonia Kraft

Assistant Trainer: Adam Sorum