Insurance Reimbursement Program

Investing in Your Health

The Y works with several insurance programs that offer discounts, reimbursements, or even free memberships to support you on your journey to a healthier you. Each program is different and is specific in regards to who is covered, so feel free to call the number on your insurance card to see if your insurance offers this specific benefit. To get signed up for a qualifying insurance program, just visit with a customer service representative at the Y, bring in your insurance card, fill out the applicable forms, check in and get started! Please note that two adults on one membership can receive discounts/reimbursements from either the same, or even different insurance companies.

The Y is currently working with these qualifying insurance companies:

    Blue Cross Blue Shield qualifying participants can receive a $20.00 discount off of their membership dues when they work out the required minimum times per month. This discount does not apply to self insured employers of BCBS of ND or MN. Contact Blue Cross/Blue Shield or your Human Resources Department, to see if your insurance qualifies for this special discount.
    Health Partners offers incentive programs to medical members of senior, individual, and employer plans. Programs vary based on the type as to how many times you are required to work out, so check with Health Partners as to which program you qualify for. This incentive offers a $20.00 discount off of your monthly membership dues when you make your plan’s required number of visits to the Y.
    To provide an extra incentive to stay healthy, Fit Choices by MEDICA offers a $20.00 reimbursement to individuals who work out a minimum of 8-12 times per month depending on policy. Contact your insurance company to see if you qualify for this program.
    This program is for eligible Medicare recipients with HUMANA and MEDICA insurance. The Silver Sneakers program offers a free membership for individuals with these qualifying insurance programs. Visit this website to learn more about this great program!
    You can get fit with UCARE for less! UCARE offers various programs for either free memberships to the Y or a $20.00 reimbursement program if you workout 8 times per month. Please check with UCARE as to which program you qualify for at the YMCA.