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October Football Academy QB and OL



October 8, 15, 22
The QB Lab is comprehensively designed to improve QB play for athletes of all skill levels. With drills designed to boost fundamental skills, throwing mechanics, field awareness, and confidence, the QB Lab is a great resource to help quarterbacks improve through the offseason. We will begin by focusing on the “must-have” skills that will give young QBs an edge over their competition. Experienced QBs will polish their fundamentals, and all will progress to develop a more advanced skill set.
Grades 3-8
1:00 – 2:05 pm
 Altru Sports Advantage
Cost: $40
 Players will develop an advanced level of skills using techniques that occur each play as a blocker or player who gets blocked. These sessions will be progression-based and are designed for middle school and high school players.
Grade 6+
 2:15 – 3:15 pm
Location: Altru Sports Advantage
Cost: $40